1. Are you some kind of…dickhead?

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  2. Doctored.

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  4. YES SIR!

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  5. Works for me.

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  6. You know you’re an elementary school DJ when this is your DJ name.

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  7. Sometimes a kind word is all we need.

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  8. Damn right. Not grammatically, but you know what I mean.


    FYI, this is the bathroom at Young Ave Deli.  The women’s bathroom.

    Those walls are gold.


  9. Best place to meet a woman? The ladies room, of course!


    Special thanks to the coke can dick contributor on the left.

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  10. ohnevermindyou:

    Real Talk


  11. Advice for fish.

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  12. If only in my dreams.

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  13. #DanFail

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  14. The sequel after the sequel.

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  15. Hey! You leave that dead hippy girl ALONE!

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